Dear to our hearts

We know at first hand with our own family that the impact the hurricanes left was devastating. But we also know first hand the resilient spirit of our people and culture.

Astro Solar is here to help our beautiful island turn their lights back on permanently. We have combined all of our experience in finance, construction, solar, and taxes to help the families of Puerto Rico one by one. California leads the way in technology and we have access to many resources that can help Puerto Rico become energy independent. We are expanding our business throughout Puerto Rico to cover the entire island. 


Our emergency solar system kits

 Grid-Tie Battery Backup

These systems are specifically designed for emergency situations. When the grid is available, power produced by your solar system is sent into your battery backup. In the event of a power outage the backup inverter will automatically turn on to power the following approved items 100% off the grid:

PR mini systems.jpg

- System Warranties -

Our systems come with the following warranties to ensure our customers our receiving the best value on their systems:

7 Year Battery Warranty

25 Year Inverter and Solar Panel Warranty