About us

Astro Solar is a family owned business with everyone both young and old in our family involved in day to day operations. Our team’s combined experience has allowed us to provide consistent quality work throughout the United States and Puerto Rico. We have subject matter expertise in green energy and have accumulated substantial, relevant, and successful past performance in many projects. Our capability, depth of resources, and experience mitigates delivery risk while providing our clients with the best value

Our Vision

Our mission is to participate in educating and providing a sense of independence for those who choose to contribute to clean renewable energy solutions. Astro Solar helps move towards a future of lower energy costs and lessening the burden of energy production on the grid, for both personal and business needs. We all share our planet and cooperation is going to help leave a smaller imprint on earth.  We as a company are working to do our part by providing the best services and  inventing new products and systems of sustainable energy that are easily obtainable and affordable for all. 

Our values

Our values are simple but are the foundation to the successful and striving relationships we have formed over the years.

Quality Customer Service

Clear Communication



Energy Independence